Desert Chess Club

Current Ladder Board Leader

DCC Ladder Board

1. R. David Brown
2. Mike Guerra
3. Sean Tucker
4. Tim Ghazaleh
5. Hank Lopez
6. Gary Browne
7. George Phillips
8. Gary Kitajima
9. Lisa Chang
10. Lawrence Tippets

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The number one spot on the DCC ladder board is typically regarded as the strongest chess player in the Coachella Valley. Do you want your name and photo at the top spot? Visit the club and give it a shot. The club meets Sundays 1pm-5pm at Embassy Suites in Palm Desert. Everyone is welcome.

Ladder rules:

1. USCF rules are in effect for ladder matches played. Any member not in the top ten may challenge the person at the number 10 ladder position. The challenger shall take the number 10 spot if they win the match. A draw results in no ladder board change.

2. The number 10 player may decline a challenge only if the players have played each other in a challenge match within the prior two weeks, the challenged player has accepted another challenge and is waiting to play that match, or the challenged player has played any challenge match within seven days prior to the challenge. Fairness is requested and required of challengers to be cognizant of members that may be out-of-town or otherwise legitimately not available to play.

3. A top ten ranked player may only challenge the immediate player above him/her. The three ranked players (positions 1, 2 and 3) enjoy the luxury of not accepting challenge matches less than 2 weeks prior to their last challenge match. Yes, being in the top three has its perks. Other ranked ladder board positions may decline a challenge as per rule #2. The player will swap positions on the ladder board only if the challenger wins. A draw results in no change.

4. In all cases, a challenge match must be played in person and within three days of a valid request of the challenge. Matches occur at our DCC primary location. A match may be played at any location other than our primary location provided, however, both players agree to the venue.

5. Ladder match results shall be emailed to DCC by challenger only upon a win by challenger. No email is required if challenger loses or draws. A draw will not result in a change on the ladder. Challenger must CC opponent on email or result shall not be valid. Results must be submitted within 24 hours of match completion. Honesty, integrity and ethics are required of all members at all times.

6. Only current club members are eligible for ladder board participation. Challengers must have attended at least four club meetings, at any DCC location, within the preceding four months as evidenced by the member sign-in sheet. These rules are subject to change based upon member feedback.

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