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Welcome to Desert Chess Club (DCC), America's fastest growing chess club. DCC is a new, dynamic and exciting chess experience. We are an USCF Affiliate (ID: #A6054773.) The club was founded by Dr. R. David Brown, Ph.D. in 2019 to provide enjoyable chess activities in a relaxing environment. Whether experienced, a casual player, student, or novice, all are welcome. DCC has meetings at the Palm Springs Public Library, Palm Desert Public Library, and La Quinta Public Library.

Mission: To provide DCC members, and honored guests, of all ages and levels an enjoyable, social, and competitive environment to play chess and participate in chess related activities, placing special emphasis on the development of critical thinking skills, fostering tournament play and reciprocal intellectual exchanges with other chess clubs.

Membership: Desert Chess Club is a community funded club. Your free lifetime membership is provided by grants from generous public donations. These lifetime grants have a $400 value. Click Here To Join Online Now. This offer is available to all ages and levels of play. Some restrictions apply. DCC members may join the USCF by downloading and completing USCF Membership Form and returning it to us. You will receive a $5 discount by allowing DCC to process your USCF application. Everyone is strongly encouraged to join the USCF which allows for rated tournaments at DCC and elsewhere.

Donate: Help Desert Chess Club make a difference in our community by donating today. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. 100% of donations will go directly to assisting the club purchase chess sets and equipment, club shirts, USCF memberships, and other resources for those in need. Thank you for your consideration. Please donate here: Donate.

Learn or Improve: Desert Chess Club strongly encourages everyone to learn chess or improve upon their skills. The club offers free instruction in a group setting to members. Experienced chess teachers are available at each club meeting to help.

Tournament: DCC will sponsor and host the inaugural Coachella Valley Chess Open coming soon. This tournament is open to members of DCC who are residents of the greater Coachella Valley. This tourney, to be held at a place to be determined, will crown the chess champion of the region. This is for Coachella Valley bragging rights! Don’t miss it! More eligibility, information, and details to follow.

Meetings: DCC meets weekly as follows:

Wednesdays 12:00pm - 4pm at Palm Springs Public Library
Saturdays 12:00pm - 4pm at Palm Desert Public Libray
Sundays 12:00pm-4:00pm at La Quinta Public Library
Holidays excluded

Please stop by and take a peek, or even play a game. Club members in good standing may also play online through our portal.

Club Rules: First and foremost, have fun! Treat all members, club guests and our host location's staff with respect, courtesy, fairness, and friendship. Adhere to rules of play as set forth in USCF regulations. Honesty, integrity, and ethics are required of all members at all times.

DCC Director Jerome Pizinger, ELO 1586, USCF ID #12406842, USCF Certified Tournament Director.

Special Club Representative: Sal Flores, ELO 1425, USCF ID #12925016. Palm Springs Library liaison.

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