Desert Chess Club

Current Ladder Board Leader

DCC Ladder Board

1. R. David Brown
2. Elliot Brennan
3. Gary Morton
4. Lars Meyer
5. Len Lyon
6. Juan Luaces
7. Terry Gilton
8. Bill Strong
9. Mike Gemus
10. Sal Flores

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The number one spot on the DCC ladder board is typically regarded as the strongest chess player in the Coachella Valley. Do you want your name and photo at the top spot? Visit the club and give it a shot. Everyone is welcome.

Ladder rules:

1. Chess ladder is for members in good standing that have attended a minimum of three club meetings within the previous three months.

2. USCF rules are in effect for ladder matches.

3. Matches are standard timed games (G30) unless both players agree otherwise.

4. The challenger plays white, the incumbent plays black.

5. A member may challenge any ladder position one, two, or three spots above their current position. For example, ladder position number seven may challenge either position six, five, or four. An unranked ladder member may challenge position number ten, nine, or eight.

6. The lower-ranked player, upon a win, shall take the higher-ranked player's spot, and the higher rank player and all positions below shall move down by one position. The ladder positions are not changed if the match results in a draw or the challenger loses. The lower-rank player upon a win shall email DCC within 24 hours with the date of match, time the game was completed, along with player names.

7. Challenge matches must be played ASAP if 30 minutes are available to play and neither player is engaged in a current game. Refusal or inability to play is considered a loss. A challenge also may be made by sending an email to DCC specifying who is being challenged. Challenge matches may be played at any non-club location on mutual consent of the participants.

8. After a ladder game is played, at least one of the players involved must play a ladder match against someone else prior to playing again.

9. If disputes arise, the ruling of the DCC Director shall apply.

These rules are subject to change based upon member feedback.

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