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DCC will not meet at the Palm Desert Library this coming Saturday, July 30th. The US Chess Open starts on the 30th and is being held at Mission Hills Country Club. DCC strongly encourages all members to attend. If you have an official DCC shirt, please wear it. You do not need to enter the tournament to attend. However, If you do, it will be a fantastic experience. Either way, please go to this fantastic event. Click here for more information

Welcome to our fantastic new venue! Thank you County of Riverside, City of Palm Desert, and the Palm Desert Public Library for the awesome dedicated chess room. This center holds 100 people! DCC will meet at PDPL every Saturday (holidays excepted) from 12 noon to 4pm. A special thanks to Alina Prunean of PDPL for assisting DCC in securing this facility.

An overwhelming majority of DCC members want to add Saturdays as a third meeting day of the week. Of those that responded, the consensus was to meet midway between Palm Springs and La Quinta. Therefore, starting June 4, 2022, DCC will meet every Saturday at the Palm Desert Public Library located on the C.O.D. campus. Also, this location is next to Civic Center Park, where DCC met on several occasions. There are many possibilities with this locale. We are looking forward to the new venue!

DCC is hosting the Coachella Limited 2022. The tournament is 1S/5R/SS/G60. For those not familiar with tournament language, the Coachella Limited 2022 is 1 section, 5 rounds, Swiss System, 60 minutes per player. This tournament is USCF rated. $10 entry fee and space is limited. Contact DCC asap if you are interested. This is a great opportunity to gain valuable tournament experience.

It is with profound sadness DCC reports that on January 1, 2022 one of our first Desert Chess Club members passed away. Sean Tucker succumbed to an illness that he battled all his life. He fought the disease with humor, grace, strength, and resolve. Desert Chess Club will miss him greatly, but his spirit will forever remain. Please, begin your next chess match with the fallen king formation on your boards and a moment of silence in remembrance. Sean's Facebook Page

Thanks to all that attended and participated in the first DCC blitz tourney at Las Palmas Brewery in Palm Springs on Saturday. Many thanks to Gor Chailyan for organizing and to Ana for providing photos. Winners: Lars Meyer 1st, Gor Chailyan 2nd, and Nick Matelli 3rd. Cheers!

Unfortunately and with regret, the Coachella Valley Chess Open scheduled for April of 2022 has been postponed due to the Covid variant, Omicron. The CDC now states Omicron will peak in January - February, which does not give DCC enough time to prepare for the event. Of course, we are deeply disappointed. We are hoping for a brighter virus outlook in 2022 in which we can reschedule this much anticipated tournament.

The DCC Member Tourney is complete. Here are your winners. Beginner: 1st Emilio Gambirasio, 2nd Zack Lazovsky, 3rd Jason Garcia. Novice: 1st Arsenio Gonzales, 2nd Mathew Shinn, 3rd Steve Shuffleton. Intermediate: 1st Gor Chailyan, 2nd David Guidry, 3rd Tracy Ted Inting. Advanced: 1st Lars Meyer, 2nd David Brown, 3rd Glenn Rich. Congratulations and thanks to all the participants.

DCC is pleased to announce the appointment of Jerome Pizinger as its Director of Special Events and Youth Activities. He is a retired railroad engineer and, also, a professional magician. As a magician, Jerome has developed a special and effective means of connecting with people, and especially children. He is an avid chess enthusiast, a passion he's had since childhood. Welcome, Jerome!

Round 1 of the DCC Member Tournament is complete. Round 2 begins Oct. 6th. Click here for Round 1 results.

On September 29th, DCC will begin its club championships. There are four divisions: Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced. Trophies will be awarded to the winner of each division. Check the EVENTS page for more information.

DCC has finalized design of its club polo shirts. The shirts will be available for sale in 2-3 weeks. Check the club store for updates and other club merchandise.

DCC will meet on Sundays at the La Quinta Public Library at 12 noon until, and if, Embassy Suites reopens from being shuttered by Covid.

Announcing our 150th new member! DCC is still the fastest growing chess club in the US even after coming out of Covid restrictions. Thank you all for your support of the club.

DCC will play at the food court at Westfield Mall in Palm Desert on 111 near Fred Waring for the next two Sundays. Expect plenty of spectators and onlookers. Time is 12 noon each Sunday.

After 14 long months of playing chess online, DCC slowly and cautiously begins over-the-board play in small groups while observing strict Covid protocols. Everyone, please stay healthy and adhere to safe practices.

Copyrights are granted for the names, "Desert Chess Club" and "The Coachella Valley Chess Open" by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

DCC is shuttered due to Covid-19 restrictions.

DCC announces its 50th member. This sets DCC on path to be the fastest growing chess club in the US.

DCC will now meet on Wednesdays at 12 noon at the Palm Springs Public Library. This is in addition to our Sunday meetings at the Sonoma Grille inside the Embassy Suites hotel.

DCC establishes its new Ladder Board. Members are highly encouraged to climb up the board.

DCC welcomes its newest member who is 101 years young and itching to learn chess. Warning members, she's a fast learner!

DCC will host The Coachella Valley Chess Open to be held at the Embassy Suites in Palm Desert. Exact details to be announced. This tourney is for Coachella Valley residents and is an open tournament with only one section. The Coachella Valley bragging rights are on the line so check back for details.

DCC becomes an authorized Affiliate of the U.S. Chess Federation. Affiliate ID#: A6054773.

DCC initiates its first 10 members into the club. Welcome Chase, Darnell, Elliot, Fernando, Mike, Patricia, Sal, Stacey, and Steve to DCC as its founding members!

Embassy Suites in Palm Desert, with the invaluable assistance of Malia Mailangi, agreed to host DCC at the beautiful Sonoma grille inside the hotel. Malia has made available a private area with seating for 60+. What a fantastic venue. Thank you, Malia and Embassy Suites.

Desert Chess Club (DCC) is formed by Dr. R. David Brown and is registered with ICANN. Dr. Brown is the major contributor and benefactor to DCC.

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